Massage Therapist

Wil jij...

  1. to learn to give relaxing and satisfying massages
  2. to completely relax customers, friends or relatives
  3. to give your career a positive spin by starting as a professional masseur
  4. to open a massage parlor yourself

Massage Therapist, een beroep met toekomst!

Imagine having the unique skill to bring comfort to others, help them relax and even relieve body aches.

A good massage can do all of that. You can be the hero bringing pleasure to those around you.

As a Massage Therapist, you'll be able to ensure relaxation and conquer pain. You will know how to prevent ailments and soothe overworked muscles. It's an exciting, satisfying path. This course will help you master the basics of anatomy, and learn about different massage techniques- from effleurage, through thumb rolls, to petrissage. You'll discover the thrilling world of Massage Therapy.

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  • Les krijgen van gepassioneerde professionals
  • Een praktijkgerichte cursus bij jou in de buurt
  • Snel een waardevol diploma behalen
  • Het voordeligste lesgeld van Benelux



  12 lessen

  3 lesuren

  590.00 euro

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Startdata Massage Therapist

CursusCampusEerste lesLaatste lesLesurenLesdag
Gent16/03/202022/06/202018u30 - 21u30Maa
Bruxelles / Brussel17/09/202010/12/202018u30 - 21u30Don
Hasselt22/09/202015/12/202018u30 - 21u30Din
Antwerpen10/11/202009/02/202118u30 - 21u30Din
Antwerpen13/01/202131/03/202118u30 - 21u30Woe


Leg massage made by professional massage therapist

Toekomstmogelijkheden en nieuwe carrièrekansen

  • Massage therapist (self-employed)
  • Masseur/Masseuse in a beauty salon
  • Massage therapist in wellness centre

Vaardigheden en skills

  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of the human body
  • Give correct and relaxing massage to relieve your clients of stress, tension and physical ailments
  • Apply correct hygienic regulations
  • Apply different massage techniques from numerous massage schools around the world
  • Start your own successful massage therapy practice
  • Find and retain loyal clients

Inhoud cursus

  • Building stones of the body
  • Human organ systems
  • Metabolism
  • Pathology
  • Basic norms of a good massage
  • Hygiene
  • Massage effects
  • Massage techniques
  • The Swedish massage
  • Anatomy and physiology

 a professional masseuse stands beside the massage table

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The Massage Therapist training consists of 12 lessons. Each lesson takes place on the same week day as the start day of the course. Step by step you will develop the insight and skills you need to find a job in your field of choice. In our courses you'll learn by doing and racticing, as much as you need. You'll also get to ask career advice and tips on the spot because your teacher is a seasoned professional and independent entrepreneur who has tons of practical knowledge to share with you. In the start date overview of this course you will find all lesson days for each course series.

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Benodigde materialen

To actively participate in class and practice at home, you’ll need your own massage products. Together with your teacher, we developed a customized package of high-quality products and tools. This package is specifically tailored to this course and contains everything you need: from a massage sheet and candle to various relaxing oils. Call +32/ for more information about the package. After finishing the course, all tools and products included in the package can of course be used to set up your own massage studio. Order now, take advantage of attractive wholesale prices and invest in your future!

Please also bring pen and paper, a bathrobe, 3 large dark towels, hand sanitizer gel and a white fitting sheet to class. Dress comfortably, preferably in white.

Praktijkervaring en stage

Do you want to put your knowledge from this course into practice? Then you are always free to do an internship. This way, you gain practical work experience - which is a great asset on your resume – and in addition, you are further expanding your network with contacts that can help you when you start your career.

You can choose the period, place and duration of the internship yourself. This way, you can search for the perfect place to gain your first working experience. When you are ready to start, you can request an internship contract at our school. Complete this together with your internship provider and return it to us. After that, you can start immediately, with a maximum of 300 hours. Make sure you have completed your apprenticeship before you take the exam. This way you are fully prepared for your future career!

Examen en diploma

At the end of your training you take an exam. When you score at least 60%, you pass and receive the Massage Therapist Diploma by post. Add this to your resume and you're all set to enter the working field!

back massage by professional massage therapist


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This course only costs €590.00. For this price you get an illustrated textbook, hands-on lessons from a seasoned subject expert in state-of-the-art classrooms, access to interactive digital lesson material on our brand new online learning platform and the possibility to take an exam and obtain a valuable professional diploma.

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back massage with massage oil
Moshin F.

Docent voor het ingeschreven vak is effectief bezig met de studenten. Ook legt de docent goed de nadruk op wat in de praktijk meer van toepassing is.

Abiha V.

Ik werd steeds vriendelijk onthaald. Indien ik informatie nodig had, werd deze mij meteen duidelijk uitgelegd.

Maartje P.

Al zeer nuttig geweest om professioneel door te kunnen groeien.

Evi D.

Goede, correcte en snelle service bij vragen!


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